August 30, 2010

Layton aka. Ghetto-ville

I moved to Layton about 3 weeks ago because we are opening a new Brick Oven and I got a promotion!!!! No, but Layton is fun, I love my roommates, I live in an awesome place, and have a great ward. Although, I miss STG and all my friends; I am glad to have a little bit of change.
Pictures to come soon....sorry it has been motivation to keep it updated

April 21, 2010


Things I love in my life....
(in no particular order of appearence

Making Cloth Flowers...thanks to Jess and Sarah
Relief Society
My Boss
The Book of Mormon
My A/C in the Versa
Long Hair
Cafe Rio
Krave, thanks Tee D
Waking up early I can watch Lost, Glee, Parenthood, NCIS, Celebrity Apprentice, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, and a new found favorite Miami Medical.

All in all I am slowly discovering how much I like the STG. We shall see if I feel the same way in July.
Until then, I like it.

Shout out to Jessica Lynn Naegle,
  I love you and you will be a wonderful missionary and I am so excited for you to experience Thailand and a Mission. I have loved our time together and am so excited to play when you get back.

April 20, 2010

Sorry I am a Slacker!

Well My BFF K-Town aka. Kallie; came to visit me for a weekend it was so fantastic. Luckily I was able to to take some time off from work. She arrived Friday around four and then we went to dinner and me, Kayla and Kallie went shopping at TJ Maxx N'more. Saturday we went to Zion's with my roommate Jess and had a blast! I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go again. We got home around 6, showered and we then went to dinner at Benja which happens to be my new favorite place to eat. Then Jess, Me and Kallie went hot tubing which normally I can't do for very long, but it felt so good since I had actually been doing physical activity. Sunday we went Horseback riding and got some breakfast, I was really sad to let her go after Sacrament, but I was ok since I would get to see her in a couple of weeks. Love you Kallie!

March 20, 2010

March 2, 2010

The Man Hug.

I'm going to be honest here (ha like I'm ever not...) but I find men hugging really funny. Not all the time, dang I'm not a extremist who has no heart! (jk sorry I'm a little hyper :) There are those times when guys hug and you can just tell that they have this connection (not in a weird way) and it's all awesome.

And then there are the times when this doesn't happen.
Most the time things just get awkward real quick. And I'm talking awkward in the way the word 'awkward' is awkward. One hugging party is maybe a little more into it, or the hug lingers a little long, but either way I think it's hilarious. And yes I find awkwardness utterly fascinating and cannot help laughing even when it's not appropriate. Today I witnessed the epitome of this type of man hug. I was walking behind this guy who saw a friend of his and they hugged. Well the first guy hugged for a little too long I guess because the second guy (who was facing me) unhooked his arms and started patting the other guys back. And this was patting like they "hey good buddy....I'm going to pat you because anything else is just weird" kind of pat. HA! And then he got this look on his face that was somewhere between a friendly smile and a grimace of pure discomfort. This moment was pure manna from heaven for my stressed, sickly and over-worked self and I couldn't help laughing. Ah the joy of witnessing that other people are just as weird as me

you're welcome.

February 25, 2010

i need you to need me...

i want a boy who i can go a bit crazy with...


i want a boy who is a little bit crazy himself...

i want a boy who thinks i'm pretty...

January 30, 2010

Photo Shoot

So my friend Teresa is a photographer and she took my photos and I love them her blog is:
The fist pic I totally look like I have "Mickey Ears" hahaha!!!!